Cut through the BS! We are not a ‘cookie cutter’ fitness studio. We don't follow fads or use gimmicks.

We are not concerned with what sells but rather with what works. We have sought out and developed proven methods through our own experience, education and application. We are teachers of self-improvement and coaches who practice what they preach. 

There are no treadmills or ellipticals here. This is a space that facilitates the trainer to coach connection. We aspire to inspire your progression. We seek to simplify your journey in becoming better. No matter how you break it down, the inherent component of progressing your strength and health is doing the actual work.  Through application of methods that have stood the test of time, as well as implementing the most up to date approaches based on science and experience, we will guide you to achieve your goals while continuing to grow.


Nick's Background

Training in Nick's life has taken on many different purposes. In the early years, training was his outlet from the world, feeling empowered in his ability to change his body, to become stronger, to grow. As a youth, this empowerment through exercise was hugely influential. As training progressed so did its structure and application - it became something Nick did to be more competitive on the sports field.  The evolution of his training brought him to the realization that the benefits of this lifestyle were much more than just physical improvement; when Nick felt strong, powerful and fast, every other aspect of his life also paralleled this feeling. He was not just developing his body through training and discipline, but also his mind. Throughout Nick's life journey, fitness and exercise/training have been a constant. Looking back he can see that training is not about the destination or achieving some fixed point, but rather about the journey and the process. He believes that if you commit to this process what can be achieved is amazing. Nick has always seen training as a positive investment of energy, and now as a trainer he gets to teach that philosophy. Nick continues to be inspired by peoples' continued efforts to become better. 

Phil's Background

Health and wellbeing have always been a part of Phil's life due to having a wellness expert as a mother. It wasn't until he was in his mid twenties, however, that he decided to make it a career. He understood that in order to succeed in his field he needed to not just learn how to be a personal trainer, but to develop the leadership and coaching skills that could help his clients improve both their physical and mental strength. Phil thus focused his education on both personal training and life coaching and developed a philosophy that the commitment to training of the physical body was deeply connected to the development of the mind and mental strength. Over the years he continued to delve deeper into strength and conditioning and athletic development while continuing to broaden his understanding for human behaviour and health. His diverse education and professional experience allows him to take a holistic approach in understanding every individual’s needs thus helping them achieve optimal well-being and performance.