It doesn’t matter where you start, but rather that you start.

In 2003 Nick started his professional career training while studying in university, but had discovered his passion for fitness long before that.

Having forged his foundation with traditional strength training over the years, his philosophy has evolved with his experience. Time spent on the gym floor, working with clients, and exploring exercise science has brought him to where he is today; a realization that health, fitness, and longevity are not things we achieve, but rather a process which we believe in. Throughout the years and tireless education, Nick's goal remains the same, to help every client become stronger and move better. He believes the power in beginning with the fundamentals and building from there. Ultimately, through structured progression, he seeks to provide whatever the individual's body needs, as well as helping them to realize their personal goals.

He looks forward to helping you reach your fullest potential, just be ready to work for it.

When asked what type of clients Nick preferred to work with, he said,
"Those who bring effort, I can take care of the rest." 


  • University Of Guelph B.A (Hons) (CJPP) 2007

  • University of Guelph - CPT - 2003

  • CanFit Pro PTS 2003

  • CanFit Pro Trainer ( PTS ) 2016

  • CanFit Pro PFS 2017


  • P.T.S ( personal trainer specialist )

  • P.F.S ( prenatal fitness specialist )

  • C.P.T ( certified personal trainer )