Stephen has been personal training since 2007 originally from Ireland and moved to Canada 2011.

Stephen is also a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. He specialises in functional lab work to seek out hidden stressors in the 4 pillars: hormonal, immune, digestion and detoxification systems. This creates a window to look for malfunction within these 4 pillars, and find the underlying cause of the issue (weight loss, weight gain, insomnia etc). Stephen wants to educate clients and give them the tools on how to live a holistic lifestyle that supports there goals.


  • Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

  • Strength and conditioning coach for combat athletes

  • Check Holistic Lifestyle Coach level 2

  • NCCP Olympic Weightlifting instructor

  • Athletes Performance phase 1

  • Agatsu kettle bell instructor